Big Church Quiz 
BIG CHURCH QUIZ - 27th June 2020 (8pm)


1st      37/40 - 12 tribes of Quizrael
2nd     32/40 – Causeway
3rd     31/40 - ETCC Friday Grow Group
3rd     31/40 - The A Team

30/40 - Iris Pearce's 90th birthday select
29/40 - Chaplin’s Champions
29/40 - Silver Surfers
28/40 - Cor2:19
28/40 – Chickens
28/40 - Mikey's minions
28/40 – BBCs
27/40 – GoldenAshFords
25/40 - The fighters
25/40 – ScAfu
25/40 – Melquizadek
23/40 - Team Margaritas
23/40 -  Skyinza
14/40  -  The Andersons
13/40  -   Ernest Pawlowski

Watch here.  Fill in your answers here

All are welcome to join us for our BIG CHURCH QUIZ.  This will premiere tonight at 8pm. It will include 4 rounds of 10 questions and a short bible talk. It will run until around 9:15pm. Then there will be a little break, before the winners of the quiz are announced live at 9:30pm (on the same channel).

How to play

1. Get your team together on Zoom by 8pm. Remember to take into account the 40 minute time limit on the normal Zoom accounts, so one of you could prepare a second Zoom link.
2. Choose one person to be captain. They will need to use the online answer sheet here.
3. Watch the Youtube video from 8pm, here.
(One suggestion is that one team member finds the quiz and shares their screen on Zoom so everyone watches it together)
4. The captains needs to fill in the answer sheet: here and submit it after the final round of questions.
5. Then just wait for the winners to be announced live at 9:30pm.