Get Wise - The book or Proverbs
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A sermon series on proverbs chapters 1 to 9, and 30-31


9. 3 pitfalls to avoid (download)
Tim Lock, 03/11/2019
8. What do you desire? (download)
Chris Ansberry, 27/10/2019
7. Get Wisdom (download)
Ben Goldenburg, 20/10/2019
6. Blessed are the wise (download)
Tim Lock, 13/10/2019
5. Trust in the Lord (download)
The wise life is the trusting life.
Tim Lock, 06/10/2019
4. Search and Rescue (Prov 2) (download)
Search for wisdom because it will rescue you from wrong paths.
Tim Lock, 29/09/2019
3. Stop Look and Listen (download)
A warning from wisdom to the world
Nathan Howard, 22/09/2019
1. Wise words from a wise king (download)
Introduction to the book of proverbs and the call to be wise.
Nathan Howard, 08/09/2019
2. Be careful of the carrots (download)
The wise king warns us of the dangers of being enticed.
Nathan Howard, 15/09/2019